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About Sarah Wolfer


Sarah is a contemporary mixed media artist who lives and works in Salem, Oregon. She graduated from Western Oregon University with a Bachelor of Science in Fine Art and a minor in Art History.  Papers, unique tools, paints, pigment sticks, and other elements find their way into her art. She is, above all things, a joy chaser. Sarah's work can be found across the Willamette Valley in Portland, Salem, Corvallis, and more.  

Artist Statement

The idea of playing with texture and color have always fascinated me. Art has been like a science to me and I can use it to explore and experiment while I create. In all my work, whether it's a realistic depiction of a still life or an abstract image, I focus color and textures. Color is used to bring about the intensity of feeling and the textures are created through my exploration of mixed media.  







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